WIP Braver Guide


Table of Contents:

-Overview [OVR]

-Weapons [WP]

– Katanas [WK]

-Katana PAs [KPA]

-Katana PA Strategy [KPS]

-Bows [WB]

-Bow PAs [BPA]

-Bow PA Strategy [BPS]

-Skills [SP]

-Builds [BDS]

-Katana Builds [KBD]

-Bow Builds [BBD]

-Gear [GAR]

-Katanas [GK]

-Bows [GB]

-Units [GRU]


Overview [OVR]:

Braver is a class that splits between S-Atk and R-Atk. Typically one would pick a side to specialize in. Katana for S-Atk, bow for R-Atk. The two have very different play styles.

Katanas focus on fast low PP cost attacks that don’t necessarily look big on their own. But they stack up fast. Its an all around melee weapon that does everything. A jack of all trades, if you will.

Bows typically go for one very huge attack that does a large amount of damage. Best used in combination with Ranger to amp your ranged damage even higher.

There are hybrid builds that make use of both, but I won’t be covering them in this guide. I don’t feel they’re worthwhile to use for me to discuss them outside of a few niche strategies.


The weapons [WP]:

Now, for more indepth talks about each weapon.

Katana [WK]:

The katana is one of the most flexible melee weapons in the game. It has good mobility, single target DPS, slight range in some PAs, and has a very strong gear. The downside to having all these tools is that it doesn’t excel in one area by a lot.

The charged PAs are mostly all time charged. You can still use them without charging. However, 99% of the time, you’ll want to charge them.


Katana PAs [KPA]:

Tsukimi-sazanka: A single slash upwards. Very quick, low PP cost (20).

Gekka-zakuro: Jump upwards and drop down, slashing upwards. Quicker when in air, low PP cost (20).
Kanran-kikyou: Charge skill. Quick 360 degree AoE that knocks down when charged. Hits once when uncharged, twice when charged. 25 PP cost.

Sakura-Endo: Charge skill. Frontal AoE with two slightly slow slashes. Uncharged, the PA does less damage and has a smaller AoE. 25 PP cost.

Hien-Tsubaki: Throw your sword forward in an arc, dealing damage. 25 PP cost.

Asagiri-Rendan: Dash forward and then strike multiple times in a small splash AoE from your target. 30 PP cost.

Hatou-Rindou: Charged skill. Ranged attack that deals more damage the further you are from the target. Uncharged, the skill is fairly small and deals less damage with less ticks. Charged, its a longer forward strike with more ticks of damage. 30 PP cost.

Shunka-Shunran: Charge skill. Dash forward, attacking enemies at the end of each dash. Maintains control during the dash and the direction of the slash. Uncharged, you only do one dash and thrust. Charged you do 4 attacks, with the 4th being the strongest and it hits twice. 30 PP cost.

Kazan-Nadeshiko: Only PA that doesn’t follow the timed charge rule of katana PAs. Charges and then slashes targets in a line in front of you. Recharges your katana gear gauge. 30 PP cost.

Fudou-Kuchinashi: 360 degree AoE stun. Low damage. 40 PP cost.


Katana PA strategies [KPS]:

Tsukimi: Height gain plus a quick fairly strong hit.

Gekka: When used on the ground, its fairly slow with a pause while in the air. When used in the air, it immediately does the first strike and then drops you to the ground to follow up with another slash. Best used in conjunction with tsukimi so you’re in the air to get a quick gekka. Also known as the washing machine. Good for bossing.

Kanran: Your main mobbing skill. Very spammable and has a large range. Definitely spam this when clearing trash mobs. The knockdown keeps you very safe.

Sakura: Strong for mobbing if your kanran isn’t strong enough. Also good for hitting stationary bosses if you’re not using hatou or the washing machine. Use step to cancel the animation at the end of the slashes.

Hien: Outclassed by hatou, but still strong in certain situations. Like if you need to be closer to the enemy you’re fighting so you can’t use hatou and you can’t use the jump the washing machine gives you.

Asagiri: Mostly used for the dashing aspect of it. Has i-frames during the dash. Recommended use would be to asagiri and then step attack out of the slashes.

Hatou: Your main boss killer. Keeps you out of range of most boss attacks while dealing a large amount of damage when you maintain a good distance from a boss. Takes time to get used to maintaining a good distance from the boss to get maximum damage.

Shunka: Got way too nerfed to be used extensively. While the PA has super armor and good damage for the PP cost, the damage isn’t good enough to justify using it. It takes far too long to do all of the attacks. You could do several hatous in that time to do more damage.

Nadeshiko: Not really good as a DPS tool. Only used to recharge gear gauge when using katana gear.

Fudou: Absolutely terrible. PP cost is way too high for the damage it puts out. The stun is barely any better than the knockdown kanran has. Completely outclassed in that aspect. Only use to stun mobs for a XQ stage order.


Bow [WB]:

One of the strongest burst weapons in the game. Stills allows for good mobbing with a few of their PAs. Limited mobility.

Bow PAs [BPA] :

Master shot: Charge skill. Fires off multiple homing arrows. Charging the skill just increases the amount of arrows fired and the damage done. 35 PP cost.

Penetrating Arrow: Charge skill. Fires a single large arrow that pierces through mobs. Charging the PA will give more damage. 30 PP cost.

Torrential Arrow: Charge skill. Targets an area and then rains arrows down there. Charging the PA fires off more arrows. 25 PP cost.

Gravity Point: Charge skill. Sucks in enemies at the point you fire at. Charging the skill increases the power of the pull. 20 PP cost.

Kamikaze Arrow: Charged Skill. Fires yourself at an enemy. Charging the skill increases the damage. 30 PP cost.

Sharp Bomber: Shoots an explosive arrow and kicks you backwards. 28 PP cost.

Final Nemesis: Charge a single arrow that deals massive damage. 40 PP cost.

Tritt Shooter: Charge skill. Mix kicks and close range bow shots. Charging adds on more attacks. 32 PP Cost.

Banishing Arrow: Charge skill. Takes all the damage you deal during the duration of the arrow and duplicates it. It explodes after the time is up. Charging increases the duration of the arrow and the explosion radius. 20 PP cost (at max).

Million Storm: Fires arrows in the direction you’re facing. Holding down the PA key will increase the duration of the skill at the expense of draining your PP. 30 PP to cast.

Chase Arrow: Fires up to 3 arrows into a pocket dimension. Using a PA that doesn’t break a part or kill the enemy will trigger the arrows to fire. 15 PP cost.


Bow PA strategies [BPS]:

Master shot: Not very good damage to PP ratio. Wouldn’t recommend using.

Penetrating Arrow: Your main mobbing skill with bows. Combine with gravity bomb or gravity point for maximum mobbing effectiveness.

Torrential Arrow: Not as good as penetrating arrow. Pass.

Gravity Point: Decent. Not that great when you have gravity bomb. Very good for triggering switches that require you to hit them. 3 uncharged gravity points will trigger a switch.

Kamikaze Arrow: Not really that good, especially if you’re ranger main, as you lose out on some of the bonuses from ranger. Charge time is a tad bit long for the so-so damage compared to other PAs.

Sharp Bomber: Not worth using. Damage is fairly mediocre. Just use penetrating arrow.

Final Nemesis: Your main damage skill. This thing does ridiculous damage and combined with banishing arrow, you can easily hit 1 mil+ on the higher end of things. Only downside is the long as hell wind up.

Tritt Shooter: Terrible. Too long of an animation and too many hits spreads out the damage over a long period of time.

Banishing Arrow: See final nemesis. Combining the two can double your damage for little effort.

Million Storm: Not as good as penetrating arrow, definitely usable though. Penetrating arrow does the mobbing better for less PP.

Chase Arrow: Makes that final nemesis burst even higher. Combining this with banishing and final nemesis is your main bossing combo. Ready 3 arrows before dropping banishing and final nemesis and they’ll add onto the banishing arrow’s burst.


Skills [SP]:

As mentioned before, the braver skill tree is divided between Ratk and Satk along with the two stances the class offers.

The big skills to look at are average stance, weak stance, katana combat, katana gear, and rapid shoot.

Average stance offers an unconditional damage boost. Although it has a lower bonus than weak stance, it applies in more situations. Making it a good choice for mobbing.

Weak stance offers a damage boost to weak points only. Its much stronger as a benefit. The stance of choice for bossing and for bow braver.

Katana combat is one of the strongest burst skills a katana braver has. Using it will give you 20 seconds of the ability to dash and attack. Additional skills you can get on it ramps up the power of the skill immensely.

Combat escape provides you invulnerability for the entirety of katana combat when maxed.

Combat JA bonus gives you an additional damage modifier on your just attacks during katana combat.

Combat Finish strengthens your finisher you use by reactivating the skill. The finisher ramps up in damage depending on how many hits you do during the time of katana combat. Around 30 is when the damage caps out. So unless you have a reason to, try to keep katana combat going as long as possible before using the finisher for maximum damage.

Katana gear triggers off of just guarding attacks. It will trigger a counter attack and a buff that gives you massive amounts of Satk and crit until the gear gauge empties. Gains gear gauge whenever you attack.

Rapid shoot is your steroid for damage on bow. While the skill itself isn’t very strong since it doesn’t apply to PAs, the bonuses it offers when used is very good. With everything maxed, it will give 250 R-atk as well as a 1.15x modifier on attacks. It also offers increased PP regen on attacks.

Some minor skills to take note of are:

Attack advance, it merely increases the damage of your normal skills.

Quick Mate, it speeds up how fast you drink healing mates.

J Reversal Cover, which recovers a % of your HP when you just reversal.

Braver Mag, which converts a % of your dex on your mag to satk and ratk. (Not very good.)


Builds [BDS]:

Katana builds [KBD]:



The build is flexible point wise. If you have some weapons you want to use from hunter, you can get the gear skills easily by removing points from striking up. If you want other skills from the tree, just remove points from striking up skills.

In the braver tree, you can choose to max average stance or weak stance. Average max would be better if you have a katana like Beurayearl which boosts average stance. Otherwise, I’d recommend a hybrid of the two stances for both mobbing and bossing.



This one is a bit more niche, although naturally hits higher than Br/hu. Lot more susceptible to dying, since you lack iron will.

Also flexible with some points. Maxing deadline slayer is an option, so is putting points into the other gears from fighter to use those weapons. You can also max out limit break for longer duration. Lot of it is player preference.

You also want to be able to use tech arts JA when possible. You would have to use two different PAs in a combo to get the damage bonus on the second PA. Something like Hien->Sakura or Tsukimi->Gekka.

In the braver tree, you have the same build as Br/hu just without combat escape. I would recommend doing a balanced build of 3 points into critical of each stance and 5 into each charge skill.

The ideal weapon for this build would be the Koukomaru which is crafted to allow for fighter to equip it.



Same concept as br/hu, just using hu as main class. Affords a bit higher damage than br/hu, however you’re looking at using Susano Shouha or a crafted katana as your weapon of choice. You also lose combat escape as a skill. You gain war brave, which is a pseudo limit break.


Bow build(s) [BBD] :



Probably the best build for bow braver. Weak hits are the name of the game, you’ll be doing ridiculous damage to weak points. Banishing Arrow->Last Nemesis+Chase Arrow will do hundreds of thousands of damage. One of the best bossing class combos.


Gear [GAR]:

Katanas [GK]:

You have a few options in katanas on the higher end.

Ideally, for a braver main, you’d want an Orochi Agito or an Ares Ryuuga. However, those are definitely not for the average player that doesn’t get lucky.

The 11 star options are fairly varied, though. Beurayearl is probably the best 11 star katana to use. Its relatively cheap to get and the potential on it is very good. 7% increase in average stance’s effect.

You also have Susano Shouha, which isn’t as good for braver main, but its still very good. 6% boost in fury stance effectiveness. The main upside to this is in hu/br. Since it naturally allows for hunters to equip this, its good for hu/br and if you need to level your hunter.

Another option, although expensive, is a Yasha. Ancient oath is one of the strongest potentials; 14% increase in elemental weakness damage. However, the rarity of the weapon combined with the need to make multiple of the weapon to maximize damage on enemies makes for an unviable choice to most players.

Bio Janen is an okay weapon that comes from XQs, making for a guaranteed “drop” if your luck is that bad. Trading in 6 Phantom Night Spellstones will get you this katana. Immediate destruction is a fairly all around potential that boosts the effect of just attack by 8%. Any skill is affected by that.

Kongou is niche katana that’s used for maintaining PP while asagiri dashing. Not very good for general use.

Fubuki Kizan is also another just okay katana. 9% damage boost while under 50% is a little harder to activate at will.

Koukomaru is another niche katana. Although this one is a lot more useful than Kongou for general use. Inevitable strike is very good, 13% damage boost of critical hits. It really shines in fi/br with critical strike. Probably the best weapon you could get as a fi/br. Downsides are that its fairly expensive, although the price has gone down with the advent of EQs that have Malduzareed in it.

These are budget options for katanas.

Zam Ranazan is your budget fi/br katana. Judgement time is just ok, doesn’t quite compare to Inevitable Strike.

Kenei is a good budget option. It comes pre-affixed with some decent affixes if you get it from the matter board. Also drops commonly from magatsu.

Kalicizma is a good option for those who can’t get above 9 star weapons. It has judgement time with a respectable amount of attack on it.


Bows [GB]:

Ares bow is the literal best bow. Its probably the best 13 star weapon too. Like, just drop ranger main if you have this. 13 star aside, you have a few 11 star weapon options too.

All the bows here focus on having ranger as your main class.

Ones you don’t need to craft would be the Bio Beld and Southern Cross. The two bows match each other closely on damage.

Southern Cross is a weak point damage boost. A 9% boost.

Bio Beld is an 8% boost to JA’s effectiveness.

Looking at bows that do need crafting opens up your options quite a bit. You can use any rarity tier of weapon when doing this, so it also opens up a fair amount of budget options.

You have all the bows with Deadly Breeze on them. This includes: Longbow, Arrow Shooter, Beldrea, Tillarc, Compadri, Hanmateri, Lambda Beldrea, Nebula Wind, Dio Beldrea, Crater Arche, or Fahren Frein.

Just choose whichever one you prefer. Crafting an 11 star weapon will require less crafts to max out, but some might not be able to get it.

Deadly breeze is a fairly powerful bonus that gives an attack boost during Rapid Shoot. A 9% increase at level 3 potential.

The big downside to doing crafting is having to add ranger as a class that can equip the weapon. Just keep that in mind.


Units [GRU]:

The absolute best unit set for anything is Saiki. Its 11 star and drops from Gigur Gunne Gam. Its set bonus is 60 to all atks, 25 PP, and 80 dex.

The “I’m not lucky” option is the gloam set mixed with a white tail preferably as your leg unit.

Gloam almost matches Saiki in stats and has a set bonus for 60 Satk, 60 Ratk, and 10 PP. While each gloam unit giving 3 PP. Add on a white tail and your units will match saiki with less HP and dex.

Both unit sets can be used for either split of the braver tree. Just change the affixes used.
For a standard 4 slot Satk budget set, you could use Quartz Soul, Power III, Spirita III, and a 4th affix of your choice. Stamina would give more HP, Mutation would give a little bit of HP and Satk, and Love Fever would give a little bit of PP and Satk. You could also use Ability III or Vinculum/Modulator, or something like that, but those a tad bit more pricey to affix. I would not recommend using a Power Boost or Spirita Boost, or any of the affix items on a 4 slot item. Save it for 5 slots or more. Player preference though.

On the Ratk side of things, its fairly similar, just sub out the Satk affixes for Ratk. It would look something like: Mizer Soul, Shoot III, Spirita III, and a 4th being preference. Stamina, Saint Fever, Mutation are all options, as well as Ability III and the other two I mentioned earlier. Again, using the affix items are still a waste unless you’re going for 5 slot or higher.


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