About Us

The premiere sister brother duo, Serce and Ziant~! We both love to game and sometimes work our hardest to become the best~

Games we play/have played:

League Of Legends, IGN: Lucina. Capped out at high plat.

Gulid Wars 2: Dungeoneers extraordinare! Were one of the first to solo/duo arah to sell paths.

Aion: Nothing too notable.

Payday 2: Pioneered dodge builds before they were viable, first duo of Hoxbreakout on release.

Phantasy Star Online 2: Self proclaimed best at the game. (Not really) Working on a guide series for a lot of the aspects of the game!

Beat Hazard: Top 1k player in world~

Also on the team, we have Fenixis as our editor and Nietzschelloo as our assistant~

You can contact us at either Pyreflames@gmail.com or as a comment anywhere here.


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