Phantasy Star Online 2: Beginner’s Compendium

To preface this guide, this assumes you know nothing about the game or series. I try to use common MMO terminology to explain concepts and whatnot.

I will not be going over how to set the game up or how to patch it. There’s numerious guides on the subject, and is fairly simple.

I will also not be going over the differences between SEA and JP PSO2. This guide was created by a JP player, and I don’t know the differences between the two in an in depth manner.

I will also not cover any technical issues of any sort. This is purely a gameplay resource.

Table of Contents


Terminology Index

S-ATK: Striking Attack, increases the damage done by striking based weapons. Used by swords, double sabers, twin daggers, wired lances, partizans, knuckles, dual blades, katanas, some of the gunslash PAs, and sometimes jet boots.

R-ATK: Ranged Attack, increases ranged damage.  Works on twin machine guns, launchers, bows, and assault rifles.

T-ATK: Technique Attack, increases the damage done by technics. Essentially magic attack. Jet boots scale with this as well.

PP: Basically mana. Fast recovering, also regenerates when you land basic attacks on enemies.

SP: Skill points. Used to get skills within your class. You get 1 per level up. Certain client orders give you SP as well.

PA: Photon Art, basically weapon skills. Most weapons allow for use of this, and allows for customization of the ordering of PAs via the Weapon Palette.

Technic/Techniques/Tech: The magic of the game. Scales off of T-ATK, only usable by Forces, Techers, Bouncers, and certain weapons that allow use of a Tech.

Criticals: The bright blue numbers you get when hitting things. Normal damage is in white. Now, contrary to most MMOs, PSO2’s crits don’t actually give you a damage bonus at all. What they do is purely force your damage to do the highest you’ll do with that given attack. Say you’d hit from between 9,000 and 24,000 normally, a critical would force the attack to hit for the maximum value you’ll hit, so you’d always do 24,000 if you crit. Typically not worth getting unless you’re playing Fighter.

JA: Just Attack, the act of timing your attacks according to the timing circle that appears around you after an attack. When it’s red, you attack. Doing so gives a 30% damage bonus towards the attack you “Just attacked” with. Very important to master.

Hu: Hunter

Fi: Fighter

Ra: Ranger

Gu: Gunner

Fo: Force

Te: Techer

Br: Braver

Bo: Bouncer

Su: Summoner

Hr/He: Hero

Stars: Determines the item’s rarity. 14 star is the highest.

Units: Essentially armor.

Grinding: Improving your weapon’s damage. Caps at +10 for old type weapons, and +35 for new type weapons.

OT Weapon: Old type weapons that require the older grinding system. Specifics covered later in the guide.

NT Weapon: New type weapons that use grind EXP to level.

Potential: Most higher rarity weapons have a potential you can unlock after you grind them to +10. This unlocks the potential, which changes depending on the weapon, and resets the grind value to +0. You can do this up to 3 times for a lv 3 potential.

For NT weapons, there is no reset and you gain a potential at +10, then a rank of the potential at +20 and +30.

Hidden Potential:  Almost exactly like potentials, these come off of weapons you’ve grinded to +10. Only difference is, these are only unlocked via Photon Boosters and only certain weapons have them. Photon Boosters come from the Challenge Mile Shop 2 for 3,500 Challenge Miles per booster. They also can come from title rewards and the matterboard. These potentials tend to be fairly strong, so it’s worth considering when looking at a weapon.

Attribute Grind: The element of the weapon, caps at 50 for 12* and below weapons, 60 for 13*. Provides an extra % attack bonus in the form of elemental damage. That % is based on the attribute grind it has. 50% for 50 element, 60% for 60 element, and so on.

10503: Shorthand for a weapon grinded to +10, 50 elemental value, and Lv 3 potential. This term is used for the older OT weapon system.

Fodder: A weapon/unit used for affixing. Essentially only used to transfer the affixes it has onto a target weapon/unit.

SAF: Special Ability Factor. Comes with all NT weapons at +35. Basically an affix.

SSA: Super Special Ability. Can be found on weapons or as a SAF. Basically an affix. See affixing section for more detail.

Gear: Refers to a “gear” skill in a skill tree for a class. For example, Hunters use a sword as a main weapon, therefore it has a “gear” skill to enhance the weapon in some way. Some weapons do not have a gear skill. Those are: gunslashes, bows, assault rifles, and launchers.

PB: Photon Blast. Mags gain a PB skill once they evolve once (at mag lv 30). The PB you get depends on the mag you have.

WB: Weak Bullet, a ranger skill that about triples damage done to whatever spot it hits.

Client Orders: Essentially what most MMOs call quests. You get them from various NPCs in the lobby.

N/H/VH/SH/XH: Difficulty levels. In order from lowest to highest: Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Super Hard, and Extra Hard.

XQ/UQ/EQ/AQ/TA/BQ: Types of quests. See Here for more details.

MPA: Abbreviation for Multiparty Area. Can refer to the general party of people also on the same quest map you’re on. E.g: “This is a pretty good MPA I have for Magatsu.”

Matterboard: Essentially the story mode of the game. Completing the gold nodules will usually give you a new story quest.

Storyboard: Updated version of matterboards used in episode 4. Same thing as matterboards essentially.

PSE: Photon Sensitive Event. Gives helpful effects like attack bonuses or meseta drop rates. Gotten by killing mobs, if you’re lucky one will trigger. Weather and killing enemies with their elemental weakness increases the chance of PSEs occurring.

PSE Burst: Obtained when getting a PSE to Lvl 8 via killing mobs. You’ll trigger a burst chance, and if you get the right PSE during it, a PSE burst will trigger. During a burst, mobs will start spawning around you. Depending on how many people, and how lucky you are, they might spawn in insane amounts. Very good exp if you get a good PSE Burst going. During the PSE burst, you can increase the time it’s going if you get lucky from killing mobs around you. PSE bursts can also restart after reaching 0:00:00, this is called a One More. One Mores can chain fairly high, although it’s rare to get any higher than 1 or 2 One Mores. Also note that if you trigger another PSE Burst by getting a second PSE to Lv 8, you’ll trigger a Cross Burst. This tacks on more time to the PSE Burst timer.

SG: Star Gems. Used as a secondary real money currency. Can also be obtained in game through various methods.

Misc Advice:

Useful links: Skill simulator to test builds. Japanese only skill sim. For use when the other one is down/out of date.

FAQ I’ve helped maintain this, and it has a fair bit of questions that get asked a ton. English wiki Affixing simulator to plan your affixing. Japanese wiki Damage calculator. Index of monster/boss HP. Up to date news on updates and events going on in PSO2. Also has a schedule for EQs. Unscheduled EQs don’t show up here, however.


8/7/17: Added change log section, added terminology, added Hero info and build, finished NT grinding section, added SAF section. Why the fuck didn’t I have a change log until now?

8/15/17: Edited a few of the terms in the terminology section. Added buster quests to “type of quests” section.

9/27/17: Fixed some terms in the terminology section. Whenever the sims update is when I’ll change the subclass section. plsdontbothermeforthat

10/3/17: Added a little bit to the money making section. Added Ether Factor, Factor Catalyst, and Ether Soul to the affixing section’s cheat sheet. Added how to obtain lambda grinders to the gearing section. Added a little note to grab exp boosters for photon spheres to the leveling section. Added details of treasure shop. No, still no updated sim, so no subclass section update.

10/30/17: Fixed the subclass section, cause I finally stopped being a lazy pos.

2/3/18: Added SSAs.

3/5/18: Half way finished updating the gearing up section. Just need to add unit section to it.

3/19/18: Fixed unit section in gearing up. Changed the affix sim link to a more updated affix sim.


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