Character Creation

Character Creation


The first thing you’ll be choosing when you start creating your character is your race. Your race affects a few things. First, your looks and such. Second, your base stats and stat growths will be affected. Your gender also affects both of those, so choose wisely if you’re trying to minmax. I will note that most race/gender combinations will do perfectly fine in any situation, even if they’re weaker in a particular area. So, just go with what you like. For those that want to minmax, here’s what each race specializes in:

Humans: the “all-around” race, with no particular demerits or merits. Males have more S-Atk, HP, and S/R-Defense. Females have more T-Atk, Dex, and T-Def.

Newmans: specialize in T-Atk, while having lower S-Atk and HP. Males have higher HP and higher R-Def. Females have higher T-Atk and T-Def.

Casts: have one of the highest base R-Atks in the game, while also having very high base HP. They have the lowest base T-Atk and T-Def out of all the races. Males have higher HP, S-Atk, and S-Def. Females have higher R-Atk and R-Def.

Deumen: the highest S-Atk and one of the highest R-Atk out of all the races. They trade this for having the second lowest base HP and the lowest total defense. Males have higher S-Atk and higher HP. Females have higher R-Atk and Dex.

Class Overviews

I go over each of the classes in an in-depth fashion a bit later in this guide. This section is purely meant to give you an idea of what each class can do and what they can do with their weapons.

You have all the classes available to you when you start, although you can’t create all of them from character creation.


The tankiest class in PSO2. Featuring skills such as Iron Will, which protects you from a fatal hit on a % chance, or something like Massive Hunter which decreases a % of damage and prevents you from being knocked around. While they do have a ton of defensive skills, they’re still excellent as a damage class. They’re very focused on JAing for their damage, more so than the rest of the classes. All in all, they’re a strong subclass, due to their most powerful skills not needing mainclass to use. As a main class, they’re a bit weaker than other classes,

Their main weapons are as follows:

  • Sword: Slow speed weapon that gets faster as you acquire gear. The speed of your PAs and how fast they charge are affected by gear, as well. This makes for a “snowball” effect, meaning that the better your gear is, the faster and harder swords will hit.

The PAs they have offer a fair bit of AoE, while also being good for single target. Good all around weapon.

  • Partizan: Very good single target DPS weapon due to the large single hit attacks combined with the PA Vol Graptor. It has lackluster AoE compared to other weapons, however. It’s heavily based on combos, so it’s important to know what combos are good in what situations.
  • Wired Lance: Combination of single target damage and AoE. Focuses on grappling enemies, as its gear enhances any grapple PAs. It also has access to some decently long range attacks.


The glass cannon of PSO2. Most of the skills in the fighter tree are based around circumstantial statuses such as being below a certain threshold of HP or being afflicted by a negative status. It’s also the best main class for S-ATK focused builds most of the time due to the skills it offers that are main class only. If you want to do damage, even at the risk of an easier death, this is what you want to pick.

Their main weapons are as follows:

  • Twin Daggers: A mostly aerial based weapon that emphasizes your ability to stay in the air while attacking. Its PAs reflect that, with most of the better ones giving you some sort of height gain to maintain yourself in the air.

Twin Daggers have strong single target damage, but little to no AoE. The single target focused PAs typically do give             some splash AoE, but it’s fairly small, so I wouldn’t rely on it for consistent AoE DPS. There are PAs that do offer a               pure AoE attack, but they are fairly weak, so I wouldn’t recommend using them for killing groups of mobs, especially             on higher difficulties.

  • Double Sabers: The strongest AoE main weapon available to fighters. This is due to a lot of your strongest PAs being AoE. Your gear skill for this also improves your AoE, since it summons whirlwinds around you whenever you use it via Shift. Thus, maintaining your whirlwinds is a fairly key part to this weapon. Do keep in mind that Double Sabers does have options for single target damage, but it’s lackluster compared to the other two weapons.
  • Knuckles: Makes use of strong single hit attacks that work best while on the ground. Most of your attacks with knuckles have very poor AoE, thus I’d recommend just using this for single target damage. Knuckles starts off slow, but as you gain gear in your gear gauge via attacking, you’ll attack faster and faster. This lends itself to have a very “flow” heavy play. Getting attacked or stopping your attacks will drop your entire gear gauge, however using your shift key’s dodge will maintain it. Getting used to your small periods of invincibility during your dodge can make or break you.


Long ranged and supportive. Ranger offers some fairly strong single target damage and fair AoE. Their skills enforces their tendency to be better at single target damage, with their focus on hitting weak spots. Rangers also can make use of the strongest damage enhancing skill in Weak Bullet, which is pretty much required to do any EQs in a timely fashion.

Their main weapons are:

Assault Rifles:

The long range single target damage focused weapon, with decently long charge times on some of their PAs. That being said, they tend to hit fairly hard, to make up for that.


Launchers are more focused on clearing out trash mobs and are typically closer range than Assault Rifles. Their big downside is that they tend to be fairly slow attack speed wise.


A “ranged” class that’s rewarded for being up close and not being hit. Essentially, playing perfect or near perfect is the order of the day here. You’re looking to exploit your easy to access invulnerability frames from your Stylish Roll and from certain PAs to accomplish this. If you need to burst a single target down, you have chain trigger to stack up and to detonate.

Gunner only uses one weapon, Twin Machine Guns.

TMGs are heavily skewed towards Gunner’s strengths of being close range and single target. This leaves them with very lacking AoE, which leads to some players to opt for weapons that aren’t Gunner specific to patch up that hole. Most use either Launchers, from Ranger, or Gunslashes, which are available to every class.


The damage focused tech class. Here, you have a lot of damage modifiers towards your techs and general boosts towards damage with little utility. Has a large emphasis on needing multiple weapons with different elements to be at their best. Tends to be expensive because of that.

In Force, you have skills that enhance Fire, Ice, and Lightning techs.

They mainly use two different weapons, Rods and Talises.


Casts techs from your own position. Can be used in third person to better position certain techs. Otherwise unremarkable. 


Throws a card out when you use a basic attack. When a tech is cast when you have the card out, the tech is cast from that location. Provides some utility and a damage bonus if you take a skill that enhances damage from thrown Talis. Do note that certain techs can’t be cast from a thrown Talis. 


The utility and support focused tech class. Whether it’s for enhanced supportive abilities or increased PP regen, techers are amazing at utility while maintaining a fair bit of damage. They can also choose to specialize in melee attacks via wands, which enables them to deal with large packs of mobs very well.

The elements that are enhanced in their tree is: Wind, Light, and Dark.

Their main weapon that they make most use of are wands.

Wands are a special S-Atk and T-Atk hybrid weapon. Each one of your basic attacks causes a tech explosion upon impact, provided you have the gear for it. This fact makes them extremely strong at clearing groups of enemies out, as their damage scales hard on how many enemies they’re hitting per attack.


The hybrid S-Atk and R-Atk class. The playstyles of each archetype differs greatly, which gives Braver a decent amount of flexibility. Each weapon they use offers a different strength, so braver can accel in most situations.

Do note that it’s recommended that you focus on either S-Atk or R-Atk, as hybrids tend to be straight out weaker than focusing on one stat.

Their weapons:


The S-Atk weapon for Braver. This weapon is a melee weapon that would be considered fast paced and has a focus on Just Guards to enhance your attack. Thus, you have plenty of windows to stop your attacks to guard anything.

The real draw for katanas is that they are a tool that can be used in most situations. Outside of aerial combat, they have some way of dealing with any situation given to them. Mobbing? They can use a multitude of PAs to deal with trash. Bosses? Also have strong attacks for dealing with those.

They also have a very safe playstyle due to Combat Escape giving them 20 seconds of invulnerability during Katana Combat.

However, because of this safety and flexibility, they tend to be on the weaker side on the scale of melee weapons.


The R-Atk weapon for Braver. This one is definitely more specialized towards one category: killing bosses. Their mobbing is fairly weak, due to the heavy focus on burst damage through PAs such as Final Nemesis and Banish Arrow.


The S-Atk and T-Atk hybrid class that uses two different weapons, Dual Blades and Jetboots. Each of the two have very different playstyles, although they’re both decently good at AoEing down trash and dealing single target damage for bosses.

As per usual with hybrid classes, people tend to focus on one stat to bring it to its full potential. Typically S-Atk for Dual Blades and T-Atk for Jetboots.

Although Bouncer has access to techs and does have a path that focuses on its T-Atk, they tend not to use techs offensively very much on either of their weapons. They prefer using them as a supportive tool to their strong PAs.

When playing Bouncer, most players focus on exploiting your enemies’ elemental weaknesses for maximum damage through Elemental Stance. There are people who do play the other method of it, which does high damage to breakable parts, but tends to be weaker than the elemental focused route.

Their weapons:

Dual Blades:

Dual Blades focus on the use of Photon Blades in most of their damage. Whether it’s from their PAs or their shift action. This gives them some range in some of their attacks, as well as a form of very easy to access PP regen that deals a fair bit of damage as well as access to invulnerability on their shift action.

The blades give you a way to manage your PP very well, allowing for Dual Blades to have high and sustainable single-target DPS. This is enhanced via Photon Blade Fever, which pushes the Photon Blades’ damage to extreme levels.


Jetboots are slightly more inclined towards AoE compared to Dual Blades, but still manage to do the boss killing quite well. They’re tech based scaling, however you can switch it to be S-Atk based via Switch Strike, which can be helpful depending on the circumstance.

They also focus more on the fact that bouncer exploits elemental weaknesses very well through Elemental Stance, due to the ability of Jetboots to change what element they are via charging techs. This lets them select whatever element they need for the moment and greatly relaxes the need for multiple different weapons with different elements.

And important facet of Jetboots to know is that their PAs have a followup that occurs if you press shift at any time during the PA animation. This is a fair bit of their power, so make sure you use


The prototypical pet class that got added in episode 4. This class can use any attack type through the usage of its switch skills. However, its best to use T-Atk to save SP. This class is meant to be played as a main class, as most of their skills only affect you when you have Summoner as your main class.

Instead of weapons as their main source of damage, they have pets. Each pet has a unique play-style and strengths/weaknesses. They add more and more pets every so often, and I will not be updating this entry for each one, so I will not be going over each pet.

Without the ability to gain stats through their weapon, a tact, the pets are highly customizable via the use of candy. Candy adds % damage bonuses, stats, and other attributes to the pet. However, you will need to grind, compress, and enhance the candy to reach maximum effectiveness. To add to that, each pet has a unique candy box that isn’t shared with any other pets, even if you have multiple copies of the same one. Thus, making it possibly more difficult to gear properly.


The first so-called “advanced class”. This class mixes the gameplay of multiple of the current weapons and changes the way those weapons innately work. For Hero, they have access to three different weapons as well as access to techs.  Each weapon scales with a different attack, making this a true hybrid class. Hero makes use of S, R, and T-ATK. Another major feature of Hero is the ability to swap between weapons using certain PAs that Hero has on each weapon. This promotes its flexibility for all situations.

Note: Hero isn’t unlocked immediately as you start the game. You’re required to get three titles to unlock it. Each title comes from getting to lv 75 with a class that represents each attack type. You don’t need to max out every class for the title, just one. For reference: S-ATK would be Hu/Fi/Bo, R-ATK would be Ra/Gu/Br, and T-ATK would be Fo/Te/Su.

Note 2: Due to its status as an advanced class, it cannot be subclassed, nor can you have a subclass with this class. Presumably this will hold true for all advanced classes.


Their melee weapon. It scales off of S-ATK and is capable of large AoE as well as decent single target through their basic attacks. Very safe with the amount of guard and i-frames it possesses. The speed at which they attack far exceeds the capabilities of Hunters using a sword. The weapon action of swords causes you to fire a ki bullet which is a ranged attack. Can be charged.

Twin Machine Guns:

Has a lot more range compared to Gunner’s TMGs and function very differently from other weapons in PSO2. Their basic attacks consume PP rather than restore it, but they gain access to reload as a weapon action. This restores PP very quickly, and JAing it will make it recover even faster. Other than this, the weapon is very non-descript. It’s mostly just a ranged option for Hero. TMGs scale off of R-ATK.


This is very different from the typical talis gameplay from Techer and Force. Techs aren’t at the forefront of talis this time around. Hero is more apt to throw the talis cards for damage, rather than use them to tech from. It has two damage over time (Or DoT) PAs that can be used, which is probably the most remarkable part about it. The other two PAs, while bland, output fairly high DPS. The weapon action throws a talis card, marking a target. Recasting the weapon action will teleport you to the mark. Talis scales off of T-ATK.


Once you’ve hit level 15, you’ll have a client order from Koffie that allows you to get a license to have a subclass. Subclasses give you some fantastic benefits, as listed below:

  1. 10% of the subclass’s stats are added to your overall base stats
  2. You gain access to the skill tree of the selected subclass letting you access any benefits that aren’t specifically designated as a “main class only” skill
  3. You’re able to use the PAs and techs of the selected sublcass

*Note: this does not necessarily allow you to equip all weapons from the selected subclass

For this section, I’ll be going over some common class combos that people use and their general play styles. Sample builds have been included. Do note, those sample builds only have the core skills and the reasoning behind getting them. For the rest of the available SP, I’ll be including links to specific class guides at a later update.

As a general rule, most of the extra points are preference, although there’s certain skills you’d want. For example, gear skills for weapons are key for them, but when there’s multiple for one class, some people might not want to use certain weapons, which is why I have them blank. If you plan on using the weapon archetype, take the gear skill.

Also, once you started using 10 star or higher rarity weapons, it’s generally a good idea to get one point into the Rare Mastery skill for the main class you’re using. (Exception being Braver)

There are many more viable class combinations, we’ll just be covering the most common for now.

Melee Focused Builds:

  • Fi/Hu

The quintessential standard for melee dps. This combo focuses on high amounts of damage with a fair bit of risk. Hunter is taken due to the high damage bonuses for striking damage, as well as Iron Will to give the player some breathing room when using Limit Break. They can and usually do make use of all weapons available to them.

Standard Build

  • Fi/Bo

The glass cannon variant of Bo builds. Less reliant on things like JAing, making certain actions such as Photon Blade Tech Cancelling stronger. I would recommend using both Jet Boots and Dual Blades in a build, despite there being two trees here. There’s more than enough SP to get both of the skills needed for each weapon in each of the unique trees in one single tree.

Standard Build (Dual Blades)

Standard Build (Jet Boots)

  • Bo/Hu

The safer version of Fi/Bo. As of late, this variant of Bo can out damage Fi/Bo while also having a fair bit of survivability. Hunter allows for a decent increase in damage, while maintaining the extra survivability that Hu also offers. There are two different builds, one focusing on Dual Blades, and one focusing on Jet Boots. Each has a fairly distinct playstyle. The comment made in Fi/Bo about using both weapons applies to Bo/Hu as well.

Standard Build (Dual Blades)

Standard Build (Jet Boots)

*Note: Take either Iron Will+Never Give Up or Massive Hunter+Automate Halfline in Hunter for either build. There is enough points for both in the Hu tree, though.

  • Br/Hu

One of the safest melee damage class combinations.  They focus on using katanas. Between Katana Combat and Iron Will, you have a large amount of leeway if you tend to make mistakes. Again, hunter is taken purely for the striking damage increase and more survivability.

Standard Build

*Note: Take either Iron Will+Never Give Up or Massive Hunter+Automate Halfline in Hunter. Do at least take one point in Massive Hunter, even if you go for Iron Will. 

Ranged Focused Builds:

  • Ra/Hu: 

Focused on bringing out the most in Ranger’s weapons, while maintaining high survivability from Hunter as well as Massive Hunter to allow for uninterrupted use of PAs.

Standard Build

  • Br/Ra

A class setup focused on using bows. Long setups, but large burst damage. Not very popular now due to the Banish Arrow nerfs.

Standard Build

  • Gu/Ra:

Focuses on bossing through Chain Trigger and takes boosts from Ra to give an even higher spike in damage when using Chain Trigger. Also relies on you being in close range as well as being at near full HP to get highest damage output. Takes quite a bit of skill to have optimal play. Maxing CT is a good idea, especially if you’re only using one skill tree. Some keep a different tree that doesn’t have CT maxed. Keep in mind, CT is best when used in a party as to easily cap it.

Standard Build

  • Gu/Hu:

Variant of Gu/Ra that relies less on hitting weak spots and has far better survivability. Focuses on boss killing. Possibly more damage due to the introduction of the ring that gives you a damage bonus while using a stance with Twin Machine Guns. 

Standard Build

Tech Focused Builds:

  • Fo/Te:

The main tech focused build. Each element having its own strengths and weaknesses.

Standard Build

The thing about Force is that most of the SP goes into elemental masteries. As such, I’ll say this now. You’ll want to pick one element you want to use the most in the Force tree and toss in enough points into it to get Mastery 1 and 2. Most of the additional skills in that part of the tree are useless, outside of Flame Tech S Charge in Fire. You should have enough SP to put a little into another element, as well.

  • Te/Hu:

Focused on supportive techs and killing trash mobs. Poor boss killing. Fairly tanky due to a combination of Hu survivability and the supportive techs of Te. 

Standard Build

*Note: Take either Iron Will+Never Give Up or Massive Hunter+Automate Halfline in Hunter. Do at least take one point in Massive Hunter, even if you go for Iron Will. 

  • Su/Br

Takes advantage of Br’s easy to achieve damage bonuses as well as a spike in power from weak stance’s insane multipliers.

Do note that if you’re running S-Atk or R-Atk, take the type switches in Su as well as the flat bonus for the attack of your choice in Br’s skill tree.

Standard Build

Support Builds:

 The only support build worth talking about and running is

  • Te/Ra

This class setup is entirely support focused. You’re mainly going to be using rifle to set up weak bullet for the rest of the people in your party or MPA. Zanverse will be your main damage source. Keeping shifta/deband up is key.

Standard Build

Advanced Classes:

  • Hr

No subclass because Hero lacks the ability to have one. Pretty cut and dry build. Plenty of points for anything you’d like.

Standard Build

Your Stats and You

So, you’re trying to make sense of how the stats in the game work, right? What would be good for you regarding the class combination you’ve selected, etc? Below is a general overview of each stat and how it affects your character.

*note:base stats and total stats for each character are in fact separate values.

  • Base stats are only calculated off of your level, race, your mag(see the mag section for further information), and any skills you take that increase the stat. (Example: S-Atk Up)
  • Total stats are what you have when you add in stats you gain from weapons/units. Anything like affixes and the actual amount of stats you gain from equipping said weapon/unit are added to your base stats. This “total” is considered your total stats.

HP: Fairly standard self explanatory, just how much life you have. Lose it all and you’re dead. Gaining more HP is generally the best way to increase your ability to survive. Mostly due to mates recovering a % of your HP and defensive stats being split into three distinct categories.

PP: Used to cast PAs and techs. Think of it like a mana bar. You start with 100 and only gain more from affixes and set bonuses.

PP regenerates decently fast and you also get a small boost every time you land a basic attack on an enemy. The amount you gain is dependant on the weapon you’re using and if it has any potentials for boosting PP regeneration on attack.

As for the importance of PP; I’d say that it’s secondary to attack and that it’s entirely preference on how much PP you should have. However, I will say this. I usually recommend people to have over 150 PP for most class combos. Some require less, but in general, 150 is a good recommended value to have. I personally try for upper 160s on melees, and 200-ish for casters.

Attack: I’m combining all three different attack types, s-atk, r-atk, and t-atk into this one. They’re more or less all the same, functionality wise, just for different types of attacks.

There’s a big reason why attack is literally THE stat to be looking at. This is mostly due to players not needing a large amount of defense or other stats that don’t enhance their damage output. The game is made to promote a very offensive play style. Every attack can be blocked or dodged in some way. The more skilled you are, the less you need defensive stats as a crutch to get through bosses and such.

That aside, you’re looking to get as much of this as possible, while balancing the amount of PP you have.

Generally, you’re going to get a 1% increase in damage for every 20 attack you get. This isn’t an exact amount, but it’s good enough to get an idea of what you’re looking for.

For each attack type, there’s a different “value” to be shooting for end game. (Not including the ridiculous attack inflation from 13 star weapons.)

  • S-atk above 2k without any sort of buffs/skills active is a good endgame goal.
  • R-atk 2.3k~2.5k for an endgame goal, again without buffs.
  • T-Atk 2.5k~2.7k, also without buffs.

Defense: Again, I’m putting the three types of it into one section. As your own character has different types of attacks, so do enemies. Defenses simply reduce the damage of those attacks. Most enemies use striking attacks, with the other two types being less common.

As stated before, these aren’t very important. You’ll gain enough defense from your units and levels to not worry about it. Having over 1k defenses is about as much as you’ll ever need.

Dex: This one is a bit of a questionable stat. You can do a few things with this, and all classes do use this in a few ways.

One of the major ways it’s useful is the ability to equip certain weapons. Certain weapons like Godhand take a fair amount of dex to equip. However, this only applies to base dex. Thus the point is fairly moot if you’re only thinking about your affixes and such. However, it is something to think about when looking towards the endgame. I had to include some Dex ups into my build to actually equip Godhand. You can figure out how much dex you’ll have at cap via skill simulator.

Another way it’s very beneficial is when you’re fighting high level enemies with crafted weapons. Crafted weapons lose the innate 90%~100% damage range and start relying on dex to determine your exact range of damage. When on Super Hard and below, your base dex should cover your needs fairly well, but once you get into Extra Hard and Ultimate, the enemies’ dex will usually start causing you problems. However, I don’t recommend stacking dex to overcome this, mostly due to the fact that crafted weapons are most viable as ways to catch up gear wise as a newer player and as classes that use crits, which renders the damage range problem null.

The last way is only for Bravers and Bouncers and only applies to the dex of their mags. They have a skill that takes 50% of the dex on their mag and gives you two different types of Attacks. T and S Attack for Bouncers, S and R Attack on Braver. This bonus is determined by taking 50% of the dex and splitting it in half. So you’ll have say, 200 dex, have that halved into 100 and then halved again for 50 into each attack.


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