Gathering is a system added to Episode 4 that allows you to mine and fish in certain Free Exploration maps. These being Forest, Ruins, Coast, and Tokyo. The main use for this would be to allow for you to start working on the item system that was also added along side it, rings. Rings all the fun stuff associated with them will be covered elsewhere, for now, we’ll focus on gathering.

The basics of gathering basically falls to you find a spot to either fish or mine, and you do so. You have a set amount of stamina, which is 100, to gather with. Each gather takes up 10 stamina and the two types of gathering, fishing and mining, have separate stamina meters. Pretty simple. You can get random events like adding more to your combo, which I’ll talk about later, gathering an additional time without using up stamina, and fever times which ties into the combo system. There is also leveling up in gathering, which will refill 100 stamina to whatever method of gathering you leveled up. This refill extends past the cap of stamina, but doesn’t permanently increase the cap. This happens as you complete achievements in the gathering system.

So, your goal, typically, would be to get to your ring of choice and to level it up. This is easiest to be accomplish when you follow a few things.

First, consider the materials you’re needing for rings. They’re going to fall into minerals and jewels. This only comes from mining. Fishing is entirely used for either the client orders and cooking sections of gathering.

Second, fever times. Fever time basically increases the amount of things you gather and ups the rare drop rate of things, thus making minerals and jewels easier to acquire. Now, this is key, since normally those two have very low rates of occurring, so you want to use fever times to your advantage. But wait, how do you activate a fever time?

Fever time is activated in one of two ways: when you hit 25 combo, or by pure luck while gathering. Now, since fishing doesn’t provide anything for rings, if your goal is to prepare for those, you should go with this simple method: Fish until you either activate a fever time or run out of stamina, then go mining. The rest is luck based. Do note that the cuisine item ” Tokyo Teriyaki Tai Fish” boosts your chances of gathering minerals, but requires you to complete a certain achievement to unlock it. When you do have it, use it when you get a fever time.

To speed up this process, you should be doing this gathering process on multiple characters, as the gathering system is character bound. You can also speed up the process by buying stamina refills via AC. The AC refills cost more and more AC per refill if you choose to go that route. The cost gets reset each day, however.

Now, for the extra details, since we’ve gotten the important stuff out of the way.