WIP Fighter Guide



Overview: Fighter is one of the strongest and most versatile Satk classes available. They boast many skills that enhance your damage at the cost of putting you at risk of death. They are the glass cannons of Pso2.

They use three different weapons innately. Twin daggers, double sabers, and knuckles. Each weapon is heavily specialized for a different situation. That said, they can be used effectively outside of those situations. Its very possible to play only one type of weapon, although you’ll get more mileage out of fighter if you use multiple weapons.

Ultimately, you don’t even need to use the fighter weapons to make great use of the class. The damage bonuses in the tree make for a great main class for most Satk classes. Its up to you on how you want to play fighter.



Twin daggers specialize in single target aerial damage. The PAs twin daggers can hit multiple targets, but the radius for most of the the skills is limiting in that sense. The gear skill for twin daggers enhances the damage your PAs do. You gain gear by jumping and using certain PAs.

Its shift skill is a quick twirl that gains you 1 gear and guards from attacks.

  • Twin dagger PAs:
  1. Raging Waltz: You leap into the air, chasing your target. On hit, causes a single low damage blow that knocks up the target. 20 PP cost. Gains 1 gear.
  2. Shoot Polka: Kick upwards and then slashes twice in the air. Gives a decent amount of height on use. 20 PP cost. Gains 1 gear.
  3. Scar Fugue: Grab a target then kick them into the air. Followed by a kick downwards, slamming them into the ground dealing damage to surrounding enemies. 20 PP cost.
  4. Wild Rhapsody: Whirl forward while slashing. In the air you do this in place. 20 PP cost. Gear enhances size of attack.
  5. Dark Scherzo: You throw your daggers forward three times, with the last hit pulling enemies hit towards you. 20 PP cost. Gear enhances size of attack.
  6. Quick March: Preforms two flips upwards into the air. 20 PP cost. Gains 2 gear.
  7. Symphonic Drive: Jump up and kick towards your target. On impact, preform two kicks and knock w
    Orchestra: Unleash a flurry of attacks. Using it in the air holds you in place, while using it on the ground moves you forward. 25 PP cost.
  8. Bloody Sarabande: Slashes the air, creating shock waves in front of you. 30 PP cost. Gear increases size of attack.
  9. Facet Folia: Grab an enemy and then unleash a multislash AoE around it. 32 PP cost.

PA Strategies:

When looking at PAs to use you should look at what is good in the air. However, most of the PAs don’t really work that well in the air. This means you’re limited pretty heavily on what to use. Symphonic, Quick March, Shoot Polka, and Raging Waltz are the four that really shine in the air. Outside of Bloody Sarabande, the PAs in t-dagger are fairly mediocre.

Scar Fugue has a very long animation for the damage it does.

Wild Rhapsody is very hard hit enemies with while in the air, as it keeps you stationary.

Dark Scherzo isn’t very good in general, sub par damage and fairly long animation.

Orchestra is okay, but hard to work with since it keeps you stationary in the air for the duration of its long animation.

Bloody Sarabande is what you would use if you’re trying to AoE with twin daggers.

Facet Folia is terrible, short range for the grab, and long animation for not that much damage in an AoE.

Now for the good PAs. Symphonic drive is one of the best PAs due to the fairly high damage it deals for a quick animation and it combos fairly well with any of the other PAs. This is due to the position it puts you in when you use your shift to cancel the animation of recoiling away from the mob. This puts you right up next to the mob.

Note: Using your shift twirl will reset your weapon palette to the first PA. This means you can combo symphonic into shift into symphonic. Very strong and easy to do. Only downside is that you don’t take advantage of tech arts JA.

Assuming you have symphonic drive as the first PA in your weapon palette, you have a few options. Do the above mentioned combo, or attack and work with the other PAs on your palette. This is where Shoot Polka, Quick March, and Raging Waltz come in.

Shoot Polka is a fairly good choice as a second PA, its a height gain, gear gain, and very quick damage. However Quick March does outmatch it as a second PA. This is mainly because of tech arts JA. If you’re looking to maintain tech arts JA for the strong PAs of symphonic and shoot polka, quick march is a very good filler PA to maintain it.

So your palette would look like: Symphonic->Quick March->Shoot Polka.

And your combo would go something like: Symphonic into position->shift->attack->Quick March->Shoot Polka->Symphonic->attack->repeat from Shoot Polka.

Now, it takes some practice to do that completely right, so don’t worry too much if you can’t do that. Symphonic->shift->Symphonic is still very strong. Another good filler for beginners is to use raging waltz. It’s a fairly low damage PA but is very strong for keeping you in the air, and keeping tech arts JA going strong.

For mobbing, although not really recommended with twin daggers, you should mostly look for use of Bloody Sarabande. Something like Raging Waltz to position and then use Bloody Sarabande to kill things. Its just generally better to use a different weapon to mob.

That about does it for twin daggers.

Double Sabers:

Dsabers are fairly well rounded weapons with an emphasis on mobbing. While it does have an emphasis on mobbing, it can be used fairly effectively as a bossing weapon. The gear skill for dsabers lets you shift to summon a whirlwind around you. Gear is gained via attacking enemies. With the gear skill, it lets you just guard just as you summon the whirlwind.

Double Saber PAs:

Tornado Dance: Spin forward like missile dealing damage around you. 20 PP cost.

Scissor Edge: Use a strong strike to knock a target into the air and follow up with a few low damage hits. 20 PP cost.

Rumbling Moon: Spin your saber on your feet while moving forward and then end with a strong single strike. 20 PP cost.

Illusion Rave: Unleash a flurry of attacks and kicks. 32 PP cost.

Fake Capture: Grapple skill. Stabs a target and then takes your target into the air and slam them into the ground. 15 PP cost.

Surprise Dunk: Spin then leap towards your target dealing damage on impact. 20 PP cost.

Deadly Archer: Charge skill, can be charged 1 stage. Charging increases range, AoE size, and damage. Throws your double saber forward, hitting everything in the way. Pauses at the end of its throw distance and then returns to you. 30 PP cost.

Acro Effect: Quick three hit attack which at the start of the third attack, has you flip backwards a short distance. 20 PP cost.

Deadly Circle: Charge skill, can be charged 1 stage. Charging increases range, AoE size, and damage. Throws your double saber in a circle around you. 20 PP cost.

Chaos Riser: Consumes your gear to create a tornado that pulls enemies towards you. Deals a single high hit of damage. 20 PP cost, uses 0~3 full bars of gear, does replenish some of it from the damage. If you have a partially filled bar of gear, it doesn’t consume it.

PA Strategies:



Knuckles are a heavy hitting, typically single target, weapon. Without gear, the attacks of knuckles are slow, but with the gear skill, attacks amplify the attack speed of the weapon. Gear is gained just by attacking. The gear skill amplifies how much gear you gain per attack. It goes from 1 gear gain to 2 gear gain per attack.

Knuckle PAs:

Ducking Blow:


There’s a lot of core skills in fighter to get. This kinda leads to some really limited build diversity, but really, a lot of the tree is just amazing to have.

Big names to look at: Limit break, Brave/Wise Stance, Tech arts JA, the slayers, crazy beat, and critical strike.

No, really, its most of the tree. Lots of points to use for core skills, not that much for free points, however there is a decent amount of flexibility within fighter. Not as much as others, but yeah.

First off, lets look at the stances. Brave stance pretty self explanatory, you gain damage if the mob you’re attacking is facing you and lose damage if you’re hitting it from behind. This usually happens most of the time, making brave stance, in my opinion, the better stance in fighter.

Wise stance does the opposite, it amps the damage from behind and lowers from the front. Now, wise stance has the better damage modifier out of the two, making it better damage wise. However, its fairly hard to maintain yourself behind the mob, due to aggroing it from the damage. Once you get aggro from the mob it will face you, rendering wise pretty much useless. A hybrid stance build would solve this problem fairly well, but that’s a lot of points you’re giving up for other pretty key damage skills.

Tech Arts JA: This one is a pretty cool skills, in my opinion. Its a 15% damage increase so long as you’re combining different PAs or technics and just attacking with them. For 5 points, this skill is incredibly efficient point to damage wise. The thing about it that turns some people off is the necessity to use different PAs on the palette to make use of the skill. In some cases that might even ending up as a DPS loss. I cover some good combos to maintain tech arts in the PA strategies sections of each weapon.

The Slayers+Crazy Beat+Limit Break: Now, there’s 4 skills in the fighter skill tree that give a fair amount of attack when their conditions are met. Deadline Slayer, PP Slayer, Halfline Slayer, and Crazy Beat.

Maintaining these are very large boosts towards your overall damage. Deadline requires you to be at or under 25% HP. PP requires you to be at or under 50% PP. Halfline requires you to be under 50% HP. Crazy Beat requires you to have an abnormal condition on you. Pretty taxing costs of upkeep, yeah?
The thing is, aside from PP Slayer, the other 3 of those can be very easily up kept by using Limit Break

Limit Break forcibly puts you at 25% HP via an abnormal condition. That triggers deadline, halfline, and crazy beat. Not to mention it also gives you a 20% damage boost when active. Insanely good, especially considering you only need 5 points to max out the effectiveness of the skill. Any more points just increases the duration and the cooldown. Obviously, the downside to using this is that you’re at 25% HP, which is easily low enough that most enemies can one shot you. Weigh the risks when you use it.

Critical strike: Definitely not nearly as wordy as the other skills, it basically gives you 15% extra chance to crit and gives you 15% extra damage when you do crit.

Critical hits, if you don’t know, work like this: Say your damage range for a certain attack is 100 to 1000, a critical hit would always hit for 1000. Basically that. Add in critical strike and that 1000 gets an additional 15% of damage added onto it when you critically strike.

That should cover the important skills.



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